Distribution: 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom

Bedroom India

Let yourself be seduced by the colors of this great country. A window will show you the romantic Taj Mahal. Every detail has been designed specifically to reflect the most emblematic features of this diverse and interesting country. 150 × 190 cm bed

Bedroom Japan

It is the ideal room for the more curious, because that allows you to get close to the Empire of the rising sun sleeping like an authentic Japanese.

All the decoration shows the sobriety and elegance of the Japanese.

Authentic tatami with futon of 140 × 200 cm 

Chinese kitchen

This spacious room features authentic decor with exclusive furniture including sofa and dining table for everyone and a great 42″ TV. The symbolism of this great ancient civilization, that still remains in 21st century, inspire every corner.

Full kitchen that has all the equipment you need (dishwasher, toaster, blender, sandwich maker, squeezer, Chinese tea set, utensils…)

Thailand bathroom

You can imagine that you are showering under a waterfall of the natural park Kanchanaburi as all the decoration and orchids (national flower of the country) are in accordance with this.

Includes hair dryer.