• Mundobriga was created with the sole purpose of preserving a family home in a creative way and reform it in a sustainable way, seeking connection with the nature of our province and meet the customs of the rural world and organic farming (more info about our company Biovillar). All benefits are for social purposes.
  • These objectives are merged with interest in travel to the more distant and exotic world places. 
  • The goal is to promote good the rural house for having satisfied customers, and numerous contributing to multiculturalism, ecological awareness, responsible consumption and development collaboration.


  • It is not a common Rural House, but a place for experience, healthy and fun, where you can realize dreams, sharing the principles that will guide the society of the future.
  • We hope that you make your cheap getaways, with its unbeatable location you can meet half way with those friends you have in communities such as Castilla, Madrid, Basque country, Navarre, La Rioja, Catalonia, Valencia…


  • Mundobriga is the perfect rural house for dream, traveling and enjoying in Zaragoza, next to the Monasterio de Piedra.
  • A farm house of late fifteenth converted into an exotic and elegant, ideal accommodation for families or groups of friends. And our best suite: Oceania (with jacuzzi, skylight and fireplace), is ideal for couples.
  • Next to the Monasterio de Piedra, we are working to offer you soon ecological activities in the country, courses and workshops.


  • Mundobriga was an ancient Celtiberian settlement which has evolved the current population of Munébrega, in Zaragoza, 13 km from the Monasterio de Piedra. Ceramic pieces of the centuries III and II century B.C. have been discovered
  • What better denomination for our rural house with charm, which is intended to be a sample of the greatest treasures of the “world” and its history.

Team Mundobriga

  • Marta Pilar Villar García (Manager). Who will serve you almost always, by phone, email, facebook and will be to welcome you and locate you 24 hours for any unforeseen. Has taken the leading role coordinating the entire project.
  • Roberto Barca Oliva (technical maintenance). It has contributed installing nearly all appliances and electrical or decorative elements, supporting unconditionally on management issues and providing much of the most brilliant ideas of the project.
  • Bernardo Villar Perez (owner and organic farmer). Neighbor originally from Munébrega, lives in a nearby house and will be who provide agricultural wisdom, in case you want information or visit the field.
  • Maria Angeles Villar Perez (owner and artist born in the rural house Mundobriga). She will wave you goodbye, as it is the best housekeeper.

    She has been the jewel of the project, which tirelessly makes any clothing, craft or do-it-yourself improvement the house requires.

We highlight

    • In the giant and authentic wine cellar you will learn to brew your own beer or organize a party (end of work through 2015).


    • Mundobriga has fully equipped apartments so that you do not want to return home, but also has numerous and spacious common areas:


    • On the ground floor, you have a separate room that has kitchen and bathroom. In which we will soon place a projector so you can organize meetings and celebrations of major groups.


    • You can relax in the garden, enjoy the views at the pigeon loft, sunbathing in the solarium, and contemplate the little ones enjoying in the garden and the water of the fountain.


    • The games room has barbecue and a large selection of games for all ages.


    • And in the library, you will have all information to organize your long and faraway journey. We have experience and great enthusiasm to help you prepare for it or at least tell you our experience.